Selfie is a phenomena, selfie is a revolution, selfie is trend setter, selfie is life blood of social network profile of youths and even old agers these days becoming selfieholic, selfie is the proof of you’re being alive after a storm.
Selfies have also been taken beyond Earth. Selfies taken in space by astronauts.
I have a confusion how people take selfies with iPhone showing the Apple logo of the phone whether the phone taking his selfie or the person.

There’s craze among youths to take selfies in a dangerous situation that may lead to harm themselves, but they don’t care they wants to over come all the dangers to have a selfie and gain fame on social media. They take selfies from terrace of sky-high buildings; some even take selfies from zoo with some animals in background, some take from helicopter. We should all be mindful and sensitive of the situation where we snap our selfies.

I have a friend on Facebook who shares selfies with celebrities like film stars, sport stars etc. Even I love to take selfies and also share it on Facebook and Instagram.

Selfie is also poplar among celebrities and politicians, when they meet each others in a day next day there’s a selfie on their social handle, our Prime Minister is also a selfieholic who travels various corner of the world and share selfies in which the countrymen can see their Prime Minister.

As selfie is one that is made public, it has possible harmful effects especially if the selfie portrait is one that contradicts one’s image. For example, the group selfie of President Obama, all smiles with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt during the memorial service of Nelson Mandela was highly criticized for its lack of sensitivity. The lesson here is that we should all be mindful and sensitive of the situation where we snap our selfies.

Takers of selfie photographs have fallen to their deaths while losing their balance in a precarious position, it was reported that more people had been killed taking selfies last year than by shark attacks.
Another danger of the selfie is how and when it was taken, that is, while driving.
A 2015 study showed that 20% of young Britons had taken selfies while driving car.
A quick search of social media sites like Twitter and Instagram will find the hashtags #DrivingSelfie, #DrivingFast, It’s been well documented that driving while using the mobile phone has resulted in a lot of accidents on the road. These should be hash tagged a #UnsafeSelfie, #IntolerantSelfies etc., intolerant in that sense you’re intolerant with your family, they are waiting for you at home. Its your duty to safely arrive at home.