This is a whole new journey of me as a blogger. I’ve been blogging since few years. But, from now onwards I will try to write something that interests me and have internet of the society. I know I can’t make any changes in the society, even our govt. fails so who am I. But, I will try to make sure the unaware people to get aware of their tights and responsibilities. From the last 2 years of my observation and analysis I came to know that the whole humanity facing severe threat. People don’t know their rights those who knows are mis using it.

From last two years everything has changed, this change is actually an improvement, and I am loving it. My way of dealing with life changed. Being a student of Mass Communication I’m truly privileged. 

I have learned the importance of Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Folk media etc. And also came to know a little bit about Advertising, Public Relations, and Most importantly I have learned Television Production and most importantly filmmaking. From my childhood days I’ve been so influenced by films, that it was my dream to become a filmmaker. Filmmaker im the sense that I can make at least one film either shot or a feature. In filmmaking I’ve learned what is documentary and it’s various aspects, during the process of learning about documentaries, I have been so excited for making one to speak for some aspects of our society. 

This university life is I think the Golden Age of my life, which will never come back again. I want to live it, I want to explore my life. And I think I’m doing the same.