We the people born in Hailakandi can exactly feel the essence of Mela that’s our very own Rabindra Mela the only festival comes in a year and stays for a month. For us Rabindra Mela is no less than a festival like Durga Puja or Eid. It’s the only major public gathering happens in Hailakandi town.

Mela the name itself brings happiness among Indians. According to Wikipedia Mela means ‘gathering’ or ‘to meet’ or Fair in English. It denotes all kind of gathering such as Cultural, commercial, religious etc. And here I’m talking about the most peculiar one. The Rabindra Mela, every  year held during January at Hailakandi

Rabindra Mela is probably the only major public gathering for all cultures and religious groups. Every year Rabindra Mela held during January, during the whole month every day thousands of people irrespective of age, Gender, religion visit mela. 

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Lot of things happens in Rabindra Mela, it brings us back to the moment of joy, fun and togetherness in every year. We wait for whole year for mela. Sometimes we even got to see our childhood friends whom we rarely meet through out the year.

Numerous people saves money through out the year for spending it on Rabindra Mela. Hence a plenty of amount people spent on Rabindra Mela in shopping and various other things. Rabindra Mela is no less than a shopping Malls in big cities. More than 500 shopkeeper selling their variety of products. Every row has a different types of shops, like fast foods, stationery items, toy’s, home decorating items etc. But a great rush always found near the stalls selling ladies items like clothes, variety items of artificial jewelleries, necklaces etc.

We boy’s are regular visitor of Rabindra Mela spends more on food stuffs like tea, popcorn etc. And the most important thing in Rabindra Mela is Baro Moja. Baro Moja is immensely popular in Hailakandi and so on Rabindra Mela itself. Every visitor of Rabindra Mela eats Baro Moja, and we every day. 

This amazing fair is not limited to shopping only, there’s a lot more entertainment and fun. Rabindra Mela is full of amusement Ride’s like Breakdance, Roller Coaster ride, Ferris Wheel etc.