Social media platforms are flooded with posts about Mother’s Day. I’m not taking interest in a virtual Mother’s Day, as I celebrate Mother’s Day every day and it should be. Though I’m not against those great people who are sharing selfies with their Mom’s in a virtual space, in reality, they might have forgotten it in real space. Their Mothers might not be aware of the term ‘Mother’s Day’. For me, it’s like just another Day.

The same social media platform witness everyday that how people use abusive languages on women,  people utter vulgar slangs about someone else’s  Mom.  People very often use popular slangs like ‘mother f#@*r’ , ‘maa ki aankh’ and many other which I can’t even mention here.  Every language and dialect has its own slangs about Mother’s and sisters.

I suggest those people should take an oath today itself that they will never use abusive languages about any women in the world. That should be a perfect Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Raksha Bandhan celebration and a good start of respecting women.