As we all know there’s a big, not big actually, a huge imbalance in our society in every aspect. Be it between Have and haven’t, rich and poor, Dieting and malnutrition, wastage of foods and Crisis of foods, this imbalance is actually growing at an alarming rate.
Some people living in such a worst condition even humanity ashamed of it. When I see people living nearby railway station and other slum areas only one thing comes in my mind,  if I could spend somedays there, without proper foods, sanitation, safe drinking water, no electricity, and most importantly without smartphone and other gadgets.

It seems not possible for me and for you also and you will definitely agree with this. We belong to the same society, the whole resources mean to serve the whole humanity so why this imbalance prevailing. Some groups are always dominating over others. Why there is no equal distribution of resources?

As per economics India is a mixed economic country where both Capitalism and Socialism exist. But with my two naked eyes I can only see practice of capitalism and dominating economic practice allover.

Before spending thousands of rupees on KFC, Pizza Hut and Domino’s we should once realize that millions of households restrict their monthly spending over foods on  the same amount we pay on those expensive places.